Back to Being “Us”

There once was a time when my husband and I were a fun loving, care free couple who were madly in love and the world was at our fingertips.  It was a time of dating, learning each other's quirks, laughter, flirting, snuggling, and just plain FUN!!  This very short lived time is engrained into my mind … Continue reading Back to Being “Us”

The Dad Behind the Diagnosis

When you become a parent it changes you.  But when your tiny, brand new baby is given a life altering diagnosis that thrusts you into the world of special needs it really changes you.  Some people change for the better and some change for the worse.  Your relationship with your spouse can get stronger or it can fall apart.  The first … Continue reading The Dad Behind the Diagnosis

My Dear Child, I have a confession…

My Dear Child, I have a confession. Through the 8 years you have been in my life I have prayed and longed for you to be healed from all of your diagnoses, illnesses, and struggles.  I have yelled at God for allowing my sweet, innocent baby to come into this world with such life altering afflictions.  … Continue reading My Dear Child, I have a confession…

Dude! Welcome to my new BLOG!

Well I did it.  I have officially started my own blog.  Whew.  This was a long time coming... Thanks to the many of you out in FB land who voted on my blog name.  The winning name was "Put a Corkern In It" with an astounding 279 votes.  Wow, I know.. You are probably seeing that isn't what I … Continue reading Dude! Welcome to my new BLOG!