About Me!

Hi there, I’m so happy you found me and my little nest. Welcome!

I’m Katie. A Louisiana gal through and through. First, I’m a Catholic who dearly loves professing my faith and finding Christ in every situation I find myself in. Second, I’m a wife to a wonderful and handsome man that I’m certain God sent straight to me. Third, I’m a momma to the three most beautiful, witty, observant little men. Lastly, I started my career as a Special Education teacher, then life took a turn and I ran a nonprofit that provided resources for people with disabilities and their families. After a few years of that incredible work life surprised me again by opening the door to establish my own public and government relations consulting practice. Beyond these things I thoroughly enjoy writing, crafting, cooking, seeking families like mine, and putting a smile on everyone’s face.  I thrive on chaos and a busy lifestyle.  My brain functions incredibly well on little sleep, a halfway empty belly, and TONS of things on my to-do list.


My journey to writing began long ago as a young girl. I’d write stories in my room then make my mom read them. This writing then turned into journaling. I find that my thoughts flow easily through my fingertips and my heart spills out in paragraphs. I took a break from journaling during my college years and as I started my family, however my heart led me right back to it with the birth of my second son Connor.  You see Connor was born with multiple, complex needs. He was diagnosed with Bilateral Open Lipped Schizencephaly, Congenital Panhypopituitarism, Septo Optic Dysplasia, Agenisis of the Corpus Callosum, amongst a few other specialties. This all means that my dear boy is globally developmentally delayed, uses a wheelchair, nonverbal, tube fed, blind, on hormone replacing medications, has medication resistant seizures, and is hospitalized frequently due to an immunodeficiency disorder. Despite the odds, he makes his presence known through his bright grin and sparkling eyes. While he may be nonverbal, his beautiful heart and joy for life will speak directly to your soul.

My life came to a fork in the road and took the path that is less traveled, and that has turned out to be my biggest blessing. Connor’s life, along side his astounding brothers and daddy, has impacted me in ways that I’d never imagine and I feel compelled to share with others about our journey here on this big green Earth. It is my deepest desire to write a book about our journey, how we have been surrounded by God’s grace even more when we stopped asking why, and to tell of the sweetness in our suffering through it all. But until that book becomes a reality, I hope you’ll follow along here….

4 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Please tell me what a 504 and SBLC Coordinator is… I too am a special Ed teacher but am looking for something a bit different. Thanks so much! Love your blog! ❤️😋😇


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