Dude! Welcome to my new BLOG!

Well I did it.  I have officially started my own blog.  Whew.  This was a long time coming…

Thanks to the many of you out in FB land who voted on my blog name.  The winning name was “Put a Corkern In It” with an astounding 279 votes.  Wow, I know.. You are probably seeing that isn’t what I chose.  *sorry*  I prayed about it and thought long and hard over it and chose to go with the second runner up “My Blessed Little Nest” as this suits me more.  I’m a gentle person full of love and light (or so I like to think…), HOWEVER the momma bear in me comes out occasionally and I truly do have to “Put a Corkern In It”, so you’ll see that I have a page dedicated to the posts where I just can’t hide it and my feelings get the best of me!  So there you go.


And so here we are….

Life is kinda crazy for me right now, umm it’s kinda always crazy, but no joke about it right now.  My job is needing me for state testing and I have to travel a good bit, but I love this part of my job because I actually get to SEE kids that attend the virtual school I work for!  Aaron (10 years old) and Cooper (4 years old) are doing well and school is school for them.  Coye is working more than usual and is on frequent trips out of state.  Connor man (8 years old with a plethora of dx’s) is on his “Connor Coaster” of ups and downs.  He’s healthy for two days, then sick for 5.  He has his good days and bad like always, but he keeps our family moving along positively with his sweet spirit and smile.  I’m thankful that he is able to battle these chronic respiratory viruses at home and not at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans (CHNOLA).  Thank ya Jesus!  The home healthcare company that provides him with an AHHHHMAZING extended care nurse Monday through Friday sent us a letter in the beginning of March letting us know that they will no longer be servicing pediatric patients.  OH.  SNAP.  Not good my friends, not good at all.  I quickly got to searching and on the phone with who ever I could about finding a new company that offers this (it’s very rare and I was not going to use the company we used years before for various reasons).  I prayed and prayed that we would find a way to make this work and like always He came through.  A few days later I contacted the one and only company in south Louisiana I could find and they agreed to take on Connor AND his nurse!  Praise the Lord!!!  So we are still in the process of paperwork for that.  In other news, we’ve added a bunch of cows to the Corkern Compound!  Coye and his twin bro Toye are in this beef cattle thing together.  The boys love being around the cows and riding around on the land checking on them!  I recently resigned as a contributor for Red Stick Moms Blog.  I plan to focus more on my own blog and posts that mean a lot to me directly, rather than large masses of other moms.  It was a difficult decision for me as I have made some great friends through RSMB, but my family and sanity comes first.

I suppose that is all for now folks.  Welcome to my blog….take a look around (well not too close, I’m a blog site beginner)….make yourself comfy… I can’t say how often I’ll post, but I’m gonna try my darndest to give a valiant effort! Ha!

Much love to you all!



7 thoughts on “Dude! Welcome to my new BLOG!

  1. Congrats on your new blog!!! You are such an inspiration to many, and I know God will use this new adventure in many ways! Much Love!


  2. Great start! Always love hearing about Connor & his family. You do such a good job of expressing yourself, I’m sure your blog will be a success.


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