Dear Humanity, I’m not giving up on you.

Dear Humanity,

A few days ago I experienced various situations where I was discouraged by the behavior/demeanor by fellow humans.  It really got to me.  But I want you to know that despite how discouraging it was, I’m not giving up on you.


I attended my sister’s college graduation the other day.  I was the beaming proud big sister who anxiously walked to the packed university center with my 4 year old and 8 year old sons in tow.  We made our way up the ramp and my 4 year old held the door for me as I pushed my 8 year old in his shiny wheelchair through.  We stepped inside to find hundreds upon hundreds of people hurriedly walking to their seats, so we quickly slipped into the bustling line of people.  It was then that my love for humanity was tested…


To the man who thought it was okay to jump in front of me pushing a 70 pound wheelchair with a sweet little boy in it and then get upset when I touched your leg with the foot rest of the chair, I’m sorry that I bumped into you.  I’m sorry that you felt the urgency to make your way in front of me because obviously having to walk behind me and my 4 year old son was just unacceptable.  I’m sorry that you turned around and glared at me when the chair skimmed your pant leg.  I’m sorry you scoffed at my apology.  But what I’m most sorry about was that my 4 year old witnessed you do this with wide eyes.  I don’t want him for one second to think that it is acceptable to rudely force himself in front of someone else and to laugh at apologies.  The world doesn’t revolve around him, or you for that matter.

To the lady who stared at me with her “ugh” face as I gave my son his 15 medications through his feeding tube in the corner, I’m sorry you had to see this.  I’m sorry that you had to see a teeny, tiny glimpse into my life of special needs.  I’m sorry that you felt the need to stretch your neck over the side of the banister so you could peek at the monstrosity of a feeding tube while you told the person next to you to look also.  But what I’m most sorry about is that there is a possibility that my 8 year old or 4 year old son saw you with your “ugh” face staring at us.  I don’t want my children thinking that it is okay for them to gawk at others and their differences.  No one is inferior to them, or you for that matter.

To the lady who told us to “pick up and hold him so my daughter can sit down”, I’m sorry you felt that you and your daughter were more worthy of a seat than my sonI’m sorry that you didn’t ask this in a courteous way because I would have gladly picked up my son so your daughter could sit down.  I’m sorry that when we did move you didn’t say “Thank you” and that you just expected us to give in to your demands. But what I’m most sorry about is that my 4 year old witnessed you be extremely rude, disrespectful, and demanding.  I am teaching my children to treat others with respect no matter who they are or what the situation is.   Courtesy is not below them, or you for that matter.

To the crowd of people who thought it was okay to stand in the middle of the sidewalk as I patiently stood with my children waiting for them to step aside, I’m sorry that you had to move your conversation so that we could pass.  I’m sorry that I couldn’t just walk in the grass to go around your discussion which was directly in the path of hundreds of others.  I’m sorry it was muddy that day and wheelchair wheels don’t take kindly to mud.  I’m sorry that you got upset when I said, “Excuse us!” as I tried passing you.  But what I’m most sorry about is that my kids, along with the long line of others behind me saw this play out.  I don’t want my boys to think that they are above anyone else and can take over any space and then be rude to another human being.  It isn’t all about them, or you for that matter.

Everywhere I go, society/humanity seems to be going against everything that I am trying to instill in my children.  How can my child rationalize what I’m teaching him when he sees grown adults do everything I tell him not to?  I fear that humanity is only getting worse with it’s selfish, angry, entitled, rude, ME ME ME ways.  There is a lack of love and kindness.


I want my kids to love others more than they love themselves.  I want them to be humble.  I want them to enjoy making others happy just as much as themselves.  But above all else, I want them to be kind.  Fortunately, my boys are provided with everyday instances where they encounter kind people who display respect and love for one another.  This is what gives me hope for humanity.

Let’s stop living to please ourselves and let us practice love instead of anger. We live in this world together and have a long way to go.  So in the mean time, I’ll be here trying to teach my children to love and respect others with a kind smile as I hold onto hope that this generation of ME will be short lived.  Don’t worry humanity, I’m not giving up on you.


A hopeful Momma

5 thoughts on “Dear Humanity, I’m not giving up on you.

  1. I am literally in tears. I hate the way we (as a society in general) no longer know or show “southern hospitality” anymore. GROWN ADULTS at that. You would think that even though NONE of these people were EVER taught any manners, common sense and decency would prevail over their inconsideration. We all make mistakes, but these people were not only unremorseful for doing those things, they treated you & your children like you were beneath them. Disgusting & inexcusable. I know this isn’t the first time you’ve witnessed behavior like this, and you are a tough momma bear. But I’m so sorry C & C were exposed to those cruel behaviors. You are exactly right when you said we live in a world of “entitled” people.

    I would like to share with you that your blogs have been such an eye-opener. I remember at our previous job where we worked together a few years ago and I saw you pushing him in his wheel chair. I spoke to you and offered him a smile. I have always regretted not speaking to him also. I did not know the specifics of his condition at that time or if he could see or hear me. But, just because I didn’t know should NOT have mattered or made a difference. I should have kneeled down, acknowledged & spoke to him, period. I would never have acted like those people at the graduation to anyone (whether I knew them or not) but I should have been kinder.

    Well, today my 4 year-old & I walked into Walmart and saw a young lady slumped over in a wheel chair. I honestly thought she would be unable to respond to me, but I smiled at her cheerfully and said good morning anyway. Surprisingly, she said it back, and we held a brief, but positive conversation. We said goodbye, and I had tears in my eyes as I walked away feeling so blessed. She made ME feel that way! And I wondered how many other people just ignored her as they walked passed her.

    So I just want you to know that your life and blogs are so inspiring. I know I’ve learned so much from you! I’m a pretty respectful/courteous person (in my opinion), but you are teaching me to go even further, showing love & kindness.

    Thank you Katie, and keep those blogs coming! Don’t give up on humanity (yet) 🙂


  2. You have a beautiful family! I’m so sorry you had to experience this. Hold your head high and your children close . We are all praying for your family and your sweet spirit will outshine all those negative people.


  3. I am so sorry that these terrible things happened to you and your sweet family. I was a graduate in Speech-Language Pathology at that ceremony and I am so embarrassed that this happened. I try to treat people with kindness and consideration and your story will definitely stick with me in the future to strengthen that conviction.


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