An Open Letter to Legislators Voting on a Cannabis Bill..

Dear Legislator,

I am writing to you as a mother- a heartbroken mom to a child with uncontrollable seizures.  I am writing to you in hopes of YOU being a part in saving my kid’s life.  Please hear me out…

12931129_10101907897181054_1218248821832112042_nMy son was born with a rare brain anomaly and because of it he suffers from brutal, relentless, life altering seizures.  The seizures began at 6 months old and have progressively gotten worse.  He doesn’t know what it is like to go one single day without jerking, spacing out, convulsing, or twitching.  Can you imagine?  Waking up every single day waiting for the seizures to start then waiting every single day for the seizures to stop. Anticipating the next one all day long.  That is my child’s day, everyday.  Seizures are the Chairmen of the committee of our life.  And it sucks.

Many people with epilepsy can control their seizures with medications.  Many cannot-my kid is one of them.

At nine years old, my son is currently taking six medications twice a day in order to “control” his seizures.  (Basically enough meds to knock out an elephant for a night.)  These FDA approved medications have caused him to regress developmentally to the point of being strictly fed through a feeding tube.  He no longer has muscle tone to hold his head up, much less his body.  His liver is being closely monitored every few months for cirrhosis.  His gums are so swollen that his adult teeth can’t break through them.  He sleeps approximately 20 hours out of the day.  He is in a constant state of “daydreaming” due to the absence seizures that plague his brain every few minutes.  The two rescue medications he has cause his heart and breathing rate to slow, putting him in danger each and every time it’s administered to him.  Seizures and FDA approved medications are causing my beautiful child to wither away before my eyes and all the while so many legislators are sitting amongst their fellow members debating on which political party is the best one, which big business will tell them how to vote this time, and which lobbyist will be taking them out for lunch.

Lives are being lost daily due to seizures.  It has to stop.


Beautiful Bailey with her mighty dad Jason.  She spent her entire life never experiencing seizure freedom.  Rest In Peace sweet girl.

Mr. or Mrs. Legislator, simply put-I’m over it.  I’m over the hullabaloo of committees stating that cannabis is a gateway drug.  I’m over the argument that making cannabis legal will only make crime rates go up.  I’m over legislators putting off the bill for next year.  My son and the thousands of other children and adults like him are depending on you because the medical professionals have done all they could do.  They have run out of options.  FDA approved meds, high dose steroid and Intravenous Immunoglobulin infusions, Vagus Nerve Stimulators, corpus callosotomy surgeries…so many options that do not provide relief for those afflicted with uncontrollable seizures.

Do you understand that?  There are no more options.  Except for cannabis.

So the ball has been tossed in your court, err committee.  It is time for the excuses to stop.  Put your political parties aside.  Tell the people and companies that dictate how you vote to shut their mouth and step aside.  There are lives at stake.  It is time for our elected officials to take an interest in their most vulnerable constituents.  The ones who have run out of options to control their seizures, their pain, their behaviors…  The ones whose lives are depending on YOU.


Darling Gabriel and his brave mother Robin fight for cannabis use of epilepsy in their state every year..

Currently there are 26 states that have legalized medical marijuana in an oil format, 25 of those have epilepsy or uncontrollable seizures as an approved condition.  I march to my state capital rallying for my child’s life constantly, begging representatives and senators to listen to me.

Numerous legislators tell me that they wish they could help, but legalizing medical marijuana is dangerous-even in an oil format.  They say it is a gateway drug.  They say it will cause more crime.  They say no over and over again.  They say no to my kid who does not desire to get high (although I can assure you he is certainly high on barbiturate medications) or smoke weed for fun.  They say no to my kid who desperately wants to live a life where he can have a single thought not be disrupted by an electrical misfire in his brain.

12376657_995246423900034_5305185750960114782_nParents of children plagued with seizures are fleeing to states like Colorado or Oregon where they can give their son or daughter a new life.  A life without medications with zombie-like side effects and a life where they can thrive and be free from the monster that is known as epilepsy.  They long to see their kid do typical kid things like play at the playground, sit unassisted with their favorite toy, or at the very least have their innocent child look at them in the eyes and smile.  Yes, I said smile.  In our world, seizures and anticonvulsant medications steal their smiles.  And it is truly awful.

My heart breaks a little more with each passing day as I push these toxic, poisonous medications down my child’s feeding tube.  I cringe every time I administer the medicine that is supposed to be helping my son because I know it is poisoning him.  And sadly I know that my government is okay with this.

12717192_1240326772664027_8025754235408611976_nSo dear legislator, I am coming to you as a law abiding, working class, VOTING citizen of your state.  I come to you in tears as I sit here holding my vibrating child as yet another seizure has taken hostage of his brain.  Parents are supposed to protect their children and here I am failing at it.  I’m humbly asking that you open your mind and your heart to understand a quarter of what our life entails…desperately trying everything imaginable in order to save the precious life that you brought into this world.

Please trust the bill proposed and consider the thousands of lives that will change for the better.  Think of the lives that have the potential to be productive citizens if only their seizures could be controlled and the lives that can be saved with a single drop of oil a day.


A mom who is trusting you to do what is right, for everyone




2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Legislators Voting on a Cannabis Bill..

  1. As I lay hear in my bed hurting from the arthritis and inflammation in my body I feel ashamed for complaining! For I know that what I go through is nothing compared to your childs pain. Taking the medication available to me I will feel better and I will not be zombied out! I pray that they will let these children and adults have the ability to be able to live a better life. If a drop of oil from an extract that comes from weed can help why oh why don’t these people have a heart and help these babies.


  2. Republicans will never ever vote to allow medical marijuana. The gateway drug and crime rate arguments are just lies they are telling you to protect the big drug companies who have bought their votes. They don’t care about how many people are harmed by their shameful pursuit of money and power. Keep fighting them, and vote them out of office.


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