Exactly Where You Are Meant to Be

Stepping back and looking how God has guided me to so many places and points in my life is simply astounding. While I was in the thick of it in each period of my life it was hard to see God at work. I didn't know that with each step I was learning and growing and he was molding me to become the person he created me to be as I continued to serve him.

Angels in Scrubs & Comfy Shoes

When you are raising a child with a special health condition, their medical professionals become family. There is no greater reassurance than knowing your child is known by his name by people who love him like their own. I was thrown into the world of healthcare via my son Connor in 2006. I had the … Continue reading Angels in Scrubs & Comfy Shoes

Siblings of a High Risk Child : MVPs of the Pandemic

Siblings of children with complex medical conditions live a different life than their peers. Though we parents try our hardest to lead a life that resembles others, we just cannot due to the constant uncertainties. However, this life we were entrusted is precious, and every member of the family has a role to play. These … Continue reading Siblings of a High Risk Child : MVPs of the Pandemic